‘I don’t want to be an alcoholic thug’ says Kevin

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A RECOVERING alcoholic who spent a decade sleeping rough fears all his efforts to turn his life around will fall apart if council landlords evict him.

Kevin Beaumont, 27, has been living with his sister in White Hart Drive, Adeyfield, but has been told he must leave by the end of the month.

He left Boxmoor House School – for youngsters with behavioural difficulties before it closed – at the age of 15 and family problems meant he ended up on the street. He was drawn into a lifestyle of cocaine, cannabis, pills and crime.

“I’m classed as a danger to myself and society because I black out when I have a drink, I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said.

Around two years ago and suffering liver damage, he decided he wanted to change. “I don’t want to be an alcoholic thug running round on the streets,” he said.

Kevin now has a partner Kelly Evans, a job at a plant nursery and gets counselling, but all this hangs in the balance.

His sister Gemma, who has just given birth, plans to live with her parents and wants to transfer her tenancy to Kevin, but Dacorum Borough Council will not allow it. “Now I’m worried I will go back and end up doing something really bad. If I lose my partner I will lose the lot and I’ll have nothing,” he said.

In a statement the council said: “The tenant in this property has notified us in writing that she has left the property.

“It is a requirement of holding a tenancy that the tenant must live permanently in the home, or they will lose their security of tenure, lose the right to assign their tenancy to another person, and the council can recover possession of the property.”