‘I voted, but how easy was it to find out who won polls?’

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A LONG-time voter who turned out to have his say in the recent county by-election in Hemel Hempstead has voiced his anger over the lack of access to published results.

William Dell, 87, of Kents Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, said that despite hearing who won the Hemel Town seat in the by-election held two weeks ago, a full list of overall results was not displayed publicly anywhere around Apsley

The borough council is required by law to give public notice of each candidate elected and of the total votes given for each candidate, together with the number of rejected ballot papers.

A spokesman indicated that the results were displayed at the Civic Centre, on the council’s website and given to local media.

The list of results of both the Woodhall Farm and Hemel Hempstead Town Division by-elections will also be published in the Dacorum Digest newsletter on August 6.