‘If you feel you have something to offer a child give us a call’


Adoption chiefs are considering the prospect of activity days in a bid to match people with children needing homes.

Herts County Council already hosts successful children’s evenings every four weeks.

There no children present at these sessions, but potential adopters are able to view videos and pictures of children in need of a loving family and are also able to speak to the social workers who know them.

And approved adopters are already given support and encouragement to attend adoption activity days being held nationally if they wish.

Now the authority is considering a trial activity day where approved adopters have the opportunity to meet children who need homes.

County council spokesman Dee DeBruin said: “Hertfordshire continues to successfully match and place children for adoption and this has resulted in 69 placements made over the year up until December 2013.

“The majority of children in our care – 75 per cent – are in happy foster placements with the remaining 25 per cent in care homes and other provision.

“However, a significant number of the children in foster care continue to need the chance to live with an adoptive family.

“Hertfordshire is always looking for adopters from all walks of life who can give children a loving and permanent family in which they can thrive.”

People can find out more about adopting a child by calling 0800 917 0925 or by visiting www.hertsdirect.org/adoption.

Dee said: “Please do not discount yourself because of age, marital status or sexual orientation. If you feel you have something to offer a child, please get in touch.”