‘Improve our shabby sign,’ say shoppers

'Shabby': The entrance to Dolphin Square in Tring
'Shabby': The entrance to Dolphin Square in Tring

The main sign above the entrance to Tring shopping centre Dolphin Square has found itself the subject of a number of complaints on social networking site Facebook.

The ‘lacklustre’ appearance of the sign came under fire on a popular Facebook page last week – but so far nothing has been done about it.

One person said on the Everything Tring Facebook page: “A property company that just collects money like most landlords they must be getting over £5,000 a month so a little maintenance would not go a miss.”

Another user of the page described the sign as ‘very tatty’.

They were commenting under a big photo of the sign that was posted below the question: “Does anyone think the Dolphin Square entrance is looking very shabby? Who is responsible for it?”

One user said: “No one by the looks of it. Just needs a good jet wash and scrub!”

Dolphin Square is on a 150-year lease to Lear Investments, which was acquired by VBR Investments in 2012.

The firm takes rent from businesses that use the square, a proportion of which is given to Dacorum Borough Council.

Asset manager Nick Freeborn said he was not aware of any complaints.

But he said he will get quotes on how much it costs to tidy up the sign within a few weeks. He said: “We will get it not looking so shabby, so hopefully the locals will be satisfied with that.”

Others users of the Everything Tring Facebook page called for the shopping area to be renamed Tring Square. But there was some debate about whether that was a good idea.

Dolphin Square gets its name from what used to be the Dolphin Inn – which stood years ago where the shopping area’s Marks & Spencer Simply Food store is now.

Dolphin Square opened on October 9, 2007.