Is it gritted enough? Police called to five collisions in little more than two hours on A41 yesterday

Library picture: the scene of a past accident on the A41.
Library picture: the scene of a past accident on the A41.

Twitter-users have complained that the A41 is not gritted enough to cope with icy weather after police were called to five collisions in little more than two hours on the dual carriageway yesterday.

The first accident on the northbound carriageway just before the Hemel Hempstead turn-off involved a green Toyota Yaris. Officers were called just after 7.30am.

Then just after 8.20am, they were alerted to another incident at the same location after a silver Nissan Micra ran into difficulty.

Just after 8.30am, a blue Volkswagen Polo was in a collision on the northbound carriageway, which led to the closure of that side of the A41.

But at about 8.45am, a silver Vauxhall Corsa and blue Ford Escort collided on its southbound carriageway, leading to the total closure of the A41 just after 9am.

Police also say they discovered a motorcyclist who had skidded and come off his black Honda bike on the slip-road to the A414 from the dual carriageway at Two Waters just after 9.35am.

The road was totally closed between the M25 and Berkhamsted, but both carriageways were reopened by 10.30am.

Police spokesman Giles Cooper said: “It seems the ambulance service may have come across several other minor collisions.”

Nobody was seriously injured during the spate of accidents.

Roads chiefs at Herts County Council say they salted and gritted the A41 the night before.

But Twitter user David Irvine said: “The A41 Tring bypass is always bad in winter, even when gritted.”

Fellow member of the social networking site Lynn Mildner said: “This road has been closed before due to ice. It needs more than a dusting of grit as the wind blows across there.

“I never use the A41 between Tring and the M25 when it’s icy. It’s never gritted enough to cope with wind on hills icing it up again.”

But Berkhamsted motorist Kevin Gladwell said he had no problems driving on the A41 yesterday, as his car told him about the falling temperature, flashing a red warning sign.

He said: “I had no problem at all. You see it is a bit cold, the ice alarm goes in the car and you slow down.”

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Herts County Council spokesman Simon Hoggett said: “The A41 was gritted late on Saturday night and due of the nature of this road we routinely treat with it with extra salt.

“However, gritting can never guarantee that a road surface will remain entirely ice free. Salt is the best material we have available to treat snow and ice, but drivers still need to be careful and should not drive as if weather conditions are normal.

“Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, steer and brake very gently and reduce your overall speed. Please also allow extra time for any journeys you make.

“On Sunday morning we re-gritted the A41 at the request of the Police. Our close working relationship with the Police and emergency services allows us to quickly respond to incidents such as this.”