Is new Hemel town centre shelter glad to be gay?

The new colourful shelter in Hemel town centre
The new colourful shelter in Hemel town centre

A colourful town centre shelter has been celebrated for flying the flag for gay pride.

But although it seems that Dacorum Borough Council’s choice of colours for the new community space has nothing to do with gay and lesbian rights, the people of Hemel Hempstead have taken to Facebook to say they back the public show of support.

Luke Sills, 18, who started the debate by posting a picture of the shelter on a community social media page, said: “We have had hundreds of comments and people seem to be supportive of the idea.

“They like the idea that it might be a symbol of the council supporting the LGBT community.

“They see it as a fantastic way of acknowledging one of the many communities that the council represents.

“I have got friends myself living in the Hemel area who are homosexual. I asked them about it and they think it is a great idea.”

The shelter, with its roof made up of coloured panels, has created a new events space in the town and is part of regeneration works, which includes new children’s play areas and big screen.

Luke, from Kings Langley, said: “Others said it looks nicer than before, others say it brightens up the town.”

A spokesman for Dacorum Borough Council said: “We chose the glass canopy of the Rainbow Stage to pick out the bright colours of the new children’s areas.

It also reflects the colours of the Rainbow Memorial further down Marlowes, where we’ve just added new granite seating.

“The stage is located in the newly-created New Town Square along with the fountain and big screen TV. This area will become a hub for community events.

“Available for hire during the day, it will also be used for live music performances, competitions, drama or any other special events.”