Jenny goes for jokes as she books a Court date

MHBG-11-10-12 Ents Jenny Eclair
MHBG-11-10-12 Ents Jenny Eclair

She was famously the first female stand-up to get her hands on Edinburgh’s fabled Perrier Award, but that was back in 1995, and Jenny Clare Hargreaves has done a lot more since then.

Who? Well, the Jenny bit hasn’t changed – but you’ll know her better as Jenny Eclair.

She’s also a garlanded author and a broadcaster for hire – whether it’s Grumpy Old Loose Women or jungle japes with the I’m A Celebrity circus – but it’s as a stand-up star that she is heading to Pendley’s Court Theatre at the end of the month.

Her new show is called Eclairious, and it’s a wonder that pun hsn’t been pressed into service before in her long career.

You can catch her on Thursday, January 31, with doors open from 7.15pm and tickets priced £17.50.

And the comedy keeps on coming the following night, with the decidedly odd-looking Andrew Lawrence the star attraction.

This veteran of sharp TV spots and a well-regarded Radio 4 series is on the road for a 50 date tour that takes in Tring on Friday, February 1.

Tickets are £15 and you can get box office details for both shows online at

> Also at the Court next week is the ambitious Tring School performance of Spring Awakening.

The play dates from 1891 but tackles some very modern themes and offers a real challenge to the young cast.

It’s not a show that’s suitable for young children, and the run starts on Tuesday evening with performances continuing until Friday night.

Tickets are £6 and £8 – email or call 01442 822303.

> If you think local drama companies play it safe when they choose what work to stage, think again.

Next week sees the St Albans-based Company Of Ten tackling Neil LaBute’s uncompromising The Shape Of Things, with curtain up next Thursday, January 24, and performances continuing until Saturday.

It’s a darkly comic exploration of modern mating, and was first performed at London’s Almeida Theatre in 2001, with Paul Rudd and Rachel Wiesz in leading roles.

LaBute – best known for In The Company Of Men and Fat Pig – doesn’t pull any punches. Four twenty-somethings play out complex courting rituals in their quests for perfection – but there’s a twist so distorted it will stay with you long afterwards.

It’s being staged at the Abbey Theatre – you can call 01727 847472 or visit the new website at to find out more.