John Pilgrim: Gemma was seeing stars, I’m enjoying my second childhood

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I HAVE never met a dog that can claim to having seen stars, at least until last week.

Gemma was innocently chasing a ball in the park when she collided with ‘Henry’ and he knocked her head first into a tree!

The poor dog shook her head stood stock still and gazed into space for a moment or two and then stumbled back to me.

Luckily there didn’t appear to be any permanent damage but it was a reminder of just how much we take on when we buy a dog and I fussed over my spaniel for the rest of the day.

Naturally I was rewarded by constant excuses to pay a visit to the freezing cold garden to play ball and when I said no I got that look. You may know the one I mean, the one that says “Look at me, poor little thing that I am, please I really only want a bit of loving.”

I managed to ignore her for a while but she resorted to barking whilst standing at the patio door and refused to go out on her own when invited.

I gave up in the end and took her for another walk to try to wear her out.

She did finally settle down just in time for the 9pm movie on telly but not before nicking a piece of cheese from my supper plate. She has also found a liking for the mint humbugs I buy now and again to spoil myself whilst TV gazing.

If I’m really honest I buy sweets more than now and again these days. It’s just another pointer to the fact that I seem to be entering my second childhood; at least that’s what my daughters tell me.

It’s true that I find it hard to resist sweet things much more these days. I am always buying things like apple and blackberry pies or maybe the odd piece of Battenberg cake.

So it really wasn’t much of a surprise to learn at my recent annual check up that I am putting on weight.

The doctor didn’t appear to be too worried so I celebrated on the way home by popping into the shop to pick up a box of jelly babies!

I have even been reading my copy of “The Dangerous Book for Boys’ again. Does anyone out there know where I can obtain a few of the ‘Just William’ books or maybe a W.E. Johns Biggles novel?