Joyrider jailed after he threatened to mow down policeman


A man has been jailed for 10 months and banned from driving for a year after threatening to mow down a police officer in a stolen car.

The officer had to jump out of the way when David Molloy, 21, of Thumpers, Hemel Hempstead, revved the engine of the Ford Focus and drove at him.

Molloy had been over the legal alcohol limit at the time of the offence in February, for which he pleaded guilty to stealing car keys and aggravated vehicle-taking.

Molloy had nabbed the keys from the coffee table of a man moving into his sister’s former home in Bayford Close as he helped her move out. He sped off from Temple Mead in the town and had later hit an Audi TT in Woodhall Lane, where he and his passenger Danielle Hammond got out. But not before nearly hitting a police officer who was trying to get him to stop.

Police, who chased after the car, found Molloy hiding near hedges and Hammond, who pleaded guilty to allowing herself to be carried during aggravated vehicle-taking, was found around the back of the car.

Judge Stephen Warner told Molloy: “It was pure luck the police officer got out of the way in time. He managed to get out of the way to avoid being run over and seriously injured. You were revving the engine and drove off at speed.”

Molloy’s defence lawyer told the court he took full responsibility for his actions and had apologised to the court and officer involved.

Molloy’s passenger Hammond, 20, of Old House Road, also pleaded guilty to charges of making off without payment, two counts of racially aggravated common assault and shoplifting – relating to previous incidents in which she abused and punched a taxi driver in Highfield, racially abused a women during a row in a kebab shop and stole wine from a shop.

She was given a 12 month community order including an alcohol treatment programme, 150 hours unpaid work and was also banned from driving for a year.

Both defendants were told that alcohol was the root cause of their offending.