Kings Langley football hooligan given three year ban after verbal assault

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A football hooligan from Kings Langley has been banned from attending games for three years after verbally abusing a rail guard when the team he supports lost a match.

Graham Dillingham, 33, of Beechfield, was given the banning order and a fine of £265 after shouting abuse at the worker while returning home from a game in which Watford FC lost to Peterborough at the rival team’s home ground.

The British Transport Police were alerted to the incident after a large group of supporters, including Dillingham, began chanting and acting rowdily in a first class carriage of an East Coast train.

A total of 12 men were arrested and taken into custody when the train arrived at Kings Cross station.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday, June 7, Dillingham pleaded guilty to a public order offence. The ban means he will not be allowed to attend any regulated football fixture in the UK, and must surrender his passport when England plays an international game.

Football intelligence officer PC Alvin Soomary said: “This must have been a very intimidating experience for anyone on board the train and who had to witness such mindless disorder.

“A football banning order is not something we apply for lightly, but when the actions warrant it, we will not hesitate to take action against those who cause problems before, during, or after matches.”