Let Ed educate you and fall in love with his food

We all know the feeling – you get home from work after a long, stressful day and you have no idea what to have for dinner.

Well, wonder no more – thanks to a 21-year-old brightspark by the name of Ed O’Neill, whose fledgling company The Naked Radish means you don’t have to plan a week’s meals again, because he does it all for you!

Chef Ed O'Neill cooked up sea bass with new potatoes, chorizo and broad beans

Chef Ed O'Neill cooked up sea bass with new potatoes, chorizo and broad beans

The company – based in Boxted Farm on the outskirts of Potten End – has a four-strong team who head to London’s best markets in the early hours to source the freshest, most seasonal ingredients for the recipe boxes, which are then portioned up and delivered directly to your door at the click of a mouse.

Ed, who lives in Little Gaddesden, comes up with nine new mouth-watering recipes every two weeks to keep things fresh and interesting.

You can expect to be feasting on delights such as crab risotto, pork medallions and sticky Asian beef – all of which you’re guided through by the slick recipe cards in each box. And you’re only given what you need, which automatically reduces waste.

When it comes to cooking, there’s no doubt Ed knows what he’s doing. He studied for three years at the Westminster Kingsway College and juggles a full-time job as head chef at a restaurant in Ware with The Naked Radish.

He said: “I’ve always had this passion to work for myself. I want to help people learn to cook with different ingredients, and move away from that repertoire it’s all too easy to get stuck in.

“People are influenced by what’s available in the supermarkets, and they’re baffled by a certain cut of meat because they have no idea how to cook it. I want to change that.”

The smart-looking, recyclable cardboard boxes are insulated with sheep’s wool, meaning all the chilled products stay that way for 24-hours.

Sadly, there is no juicy anecdote behind the company’s cheeky name. Ed says that it ‘just came to him one day’ and stuck.

For more, visit www.thenakedradish.co.uk.