Let’s have a school reunion and see who’s aged well!

Tring School reunion for pupils who joined in 1998.
Tring School reunion for pupils who joined in 1998.

A teaching assistant who left Tring 13 years ago to set up a new life in Swansea will be returning to the market town for a school reunion.

Sylvia Hoyland is organising the event, along with help from others, for anyone who joined Tring School in 1998 and would have sat their GCSEs in June 1993 and might have gone on to complete A-Level exams in June 1995.

Sylvia said: “You just imagine everyone standing still but they haven’t. They have all aged and moved on. It is going to be really good to catch up with people and has prompted people to dig out their old pictures from school.”

The reunion is being held at Tring Athletic Club in Cow Lane on Saturday, September 13 from 7.30pm to midnight.

Tickets cost £15 and can be purchased from Sylvia by calling her on 07712 203510 or email sylviahoyland9@gmail.com.

“If more people come than we are expecting and there is money left over then we will decide as a group what to do with it. We were thinking of giving it to a local charity,” said Sylvia.