Letters round up (Including the Berkhamsted snob row continues and BNP visit)


A selection of letters from this week’s Gazette.

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Berkhamsted Snobs

Don’t be bitter, embrace change

May I start by stating:

1) I am in full support of Lidl in Berkhamsted and have signed up to the petition in favour.

2) I would definitely use the store.

3) I live in an ex-council house on the Ashlyns Estate, Berkhamsted.

Ok, having got that out of the way, I fear John Waller is in danger of portraying himself as a bigoted old man, ridden with bitterness and jealousy towards those hard working folk in Berkhamsted who have chosen to spend their wealth on larger properties and the finer trappings of life.

He is in danger of creating a class war with his unfortunate and ill-advised “locals” and “outsiders” comments.

Of course i am sure we can all relate to some of the types of people Mr Waller has variously described, however from my experience these people are very much in the minority, can be found in every town and city in the land, and come from both sides of the “class divide.”

Having lived in Berkhamsted for 10 years now, I am not sure in to which of Mr Waller’s categories I fit, local, or the hordes of outsiders, however what I do know is that I feel privileged to be able to bring my son up in such a beautiful town as Berkhamsted, to know so many wonderful people, rich and not so rich, and to have the opportunity to educate my son in some of the finest state schools.

Virtually all the people I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing have shown nothing but kindness and generosity and I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.

Mr Waller I fully respect the fact that you have lived here all your life and the changes that you have seen in Berkhamsted over that time must be monumental.

However change is inevitable and to have such a diverse local population and the wealth that creates, is what drives the town forward and creates such a wonderful environment for future generations to grow up in.

Try and embrace that, be happy with your lot, and give thanks that we are all fortunate enough to live in a town that many millions of others around the world could only dream of.

Richard Bowen


Berkhamsted snobs

Objectors have spoiled our town

I wonder if any citizens of Berkhamsted against the opening of “Lidl” realise how much they may have changed our town?

Gone are the meadows where we used to play as children, replaced with lovely large housing estates, that few local people could afford to buy.

Gone are the quiet lanes that we used to cycle along, replaced by speeding cars trying to avoid the congested town centre!

Gone also is carefree motoring, we take our life in our hands pulling into the traffic and trying to cross the road.

Cars are parked on pavements and junctions, I thought this was an offence?

Gone are the days when we assumed that our children would go to the nearest local school.

Gone are the days when we could see a doctor on the same day.

Gone are the days when our children could afford to buy a house in Berkhamsted.

Did we write to the “Gazette” or produce petitions to stop the developments? I am sure we would have been told “move with the times,” “live and let live,” or even “get over it!”

It would appear, by recent remarks and video postings, that there is no petition against “Lidl” only one for improving the infrastructure of the town.

Would it not be best for these people to lobby the town council, Dacorum Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council and our local MP, Mr David Gauke, who has a local surgery where concerned residents can put their case forward


Anne Waller



Put your minds to Brain Injury Week

I would like to make your readers aware that it is Action for Brain Injury Week this week (until May 18).

A crucial aim of the campaign is drawing awareness to this silent epidemic and the issues facing people with acquired brain injury.

It is estimated that around 40,000 children in the UK sustain a brain injury each year.

Acquired brain injury can be caused by something such as a road accident, a fall or an illness like meningitis and can have major, long-lasting consequences.

Brain injury is often described as a ‘hidden disability’ because many children show no outward signs and yet struggle to cope with long-term, unseen problems with memory, communication and behaviour.

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. We provide rehabilitation and support to children and families from across the country.

Our Brain Injury Hub website (www.braininjuryhub.co.uk) is a source of practical advice for parents and we also publish a range of books to help explain brain injury to children.

So during Action for Brain Injury Week please share the word about our resources so that we can help more children and young people living in the UK today with the long-term effects of acquired brain injury.

Dalton Leong

Chief executive

The Children’s Trust


Thanks for giving, but we need help

We would very much like to thank the residents of Berkhamsted, Dagnall, Little Gaddesden and Potten End for their magnificent contribution to our House to House collection recently raising £1,577.85 towards the work of the RNLI.

We also had a collection in Berkhamsted High Street which raised £510.75 - another big thank you to Berkhamsted.

Thank you also to all our collectors.

We are desperately short of people to hold a bucket and if you felt you could give us an hour, two or three times a year, please get in touch with us.

Margot Gardener

Hon. Treasurer - Berkhamsted Branch of the RNLI

BNP visit

Admit protest had ulterior motives

I wish the BNP would be honest in their comments and admit that their protests about the proposed new mosque on the site of an old disused church in Bennetts End have ulterior motives and has nothing to do with parking or other issues.

If this was the case then they would be protesting in Northridge Way as well where a new, larger than the previous church is being built with less parking (probably).

I have no objection to this church, nor to the mosque, and certainly fail to see a difference between the two.

As to there being issues about a dome being inappropriate for the area, what’s there now?

Nothing very exciting looking and if domes are an issue, it seems to suit St Pauls OK!

Personally I would rather there was no religion at all, but that is another issue, let’s all learn to treat each other with respect and get on with our neighbours.

Name and address supplied

but not for publication


Good on Gazette for ignoring plea

How lovely to see a report in your paper of the success of an ex Cavendish pupil.

Charlotte Briant’s success as a playwright is to be applauded and it is brilliant to see her play Bitch Boxer ‘return home’ to be staged at the Old Town Hall.

How glad I am to see that you have ignored the current head’s plea to not disclose the school that people used to attend in your reports.

She recently wrote to you in what I think was a mildly paranoid tone, requesting that ex-pupils did not have their local school revealed.

Her letter was in response to a tragic case in which a former pupil had moved away from the area and allegedly committed a dire act in his later life.

I feel that not disclosing the former school of residents or ex-residents who are in the news goes against what a local paper is all about.

Once again, I commend you for ignoring Ms Forde’s letter, and well done Charlotte!

Name and address supplied

but not for publication