Lib Dems get into the swing

Lib Dem councillors Adrian England and Ron Tindall
Lib Dem councillors Adrian England and Ron Tindall

A huge swing saw the Lib Dems reclaim a marginal seat on Dacroum Borough Council last week.

The Liberals virtually doubled their share of the vote to claim a 49 per cent share of the turn-out in Adeyfield West.

Their candidate Adrian England earned 520 votes, ahead of the Conservatives with 233 votes, Labour on 166, and UKIP’s 115 supporters.

The Greens, with 17 votes, were the only other party to see their share of the vote 

Dacorum Borough 
Council is controlled by the majority Conservative Party with 45 councillors.

There are now four Liberal Democrat members, plus two from Labour.

Senior Lib Dems claimed that they benefited from 
having a local candidate, 
unlike other parties standing for the seat.

Adrian England said “Thank you to everyone who voted, supported and helped me in the by-election.

“I look forward to working with my fellow ward colleague Cllr Ron Tindall to bring the voice of the residents of 
Adeyfield West to the council and assist residents in finding solutions to their problems.”

Fellow Lib Dem Ron 
Tindall, who represents 
Adeyfield East, said: “Adrian will be a great addition to the Liberal Democrat team on Dacorum Council and will strengthen our group and their role in holding the 
Conservative administration to account.

“This result confirms the Liberal Democrats as the only effective opposition to the Conservatives in Dacorum.”