Little Gaddesden birthday boy Harry celebrates his 100th with multiple parties

Harry Smith is so popular that he will be having up to four parties to celebrate his 100th birthday, which is on Thursday.

The first, today, was with all of his former colleagues from the Post Office, which the Little Gaddesden man worked for as a postman when he was younger.

Harry Smith.

Harry Smith.

Harry also worked in the civil service during his working life and became an army sergeant during the Second World War, teaching troops how to use anti-aircraft guns.

He married his wife Pearl in 1943 and two years later moved to Little Gaddesden to live with her. She died in 2003 and Harry now lives in the village’s Bede Court.

The pair had three children, and Harry now has seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Harry said: “Getting married to the wife was possibly the best bit of my life so far – alongside bringing up three children who have looked after me when I was not able to look after myself.”

Harry worked until he was 80 and took three half-mile walks a day until just three years ago.

He said: “I must say that it is nice to be 100, but it brings its problems with it.

“I have got arthritis in my shoulders, I have got rheumatism in my legs, I have got half a brain - but I can’t have everything, can I?”

Today’s party at the Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church hall was organised for Harry by the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, which he is a member of. To learn more or become a member, phone Roger Osborn on 01442 384762.