Location Location Location hits the spot in Tring

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Property television show features the town that ‘has an attractive ring to many’

Pendley Manor Hotel and The Akeman restaurant and bar were used as a back drop for filming parts of the show featuring a couple that wanted to buy a home in the market town.

The episode, which aired last night, on Channel 4 followed Neil and Liz, who wanted to move from their flat in Watford to a place in Tring, where Neil grew up and is also close to where his mother lives.

Kirstie Allsopp was tasked with finding the newly-engaged couple a home that would be ideal for their future children and within their budget of £400,000.

She explained that ‘Tring has an attractive ring to many’ which was one of the reasons why the average house price in the area was £290,000, which is 78 per cent above the national average.

The show is still available to view on 4OD.