London bombings survivor Martine makes Paralympic squad

Martine Wright.
Martine Wright.

LONDON bombings survivor Martine Wright has been on television talking of her joy at making this year’s Paralympics sitting volleyball squad.

Martine, who lives in Beaconsfield Road, in Tring, has spoken to the press about her achievement.

She is among the 21 players on Britain’s first sitting volleyball team to compete in the Paralympic games.

The news that came on Wednesday ended a long wait for the mum-of-one who, in March, found out the team was competing in the Paralympics but not which members were in the final squad.

She told ITV news: “It’s a dream, and something that I never, ever thought I’d be doing, and a journey that I never thought I’d be on.”

Of course the work doesn’t end here for Martine, as she enters her final training phase with the team.

Martine, whose married name is Wiltshire, is being supported by her son Oscar and husband Nick.

It marks a happy end to her tragic story of losing both her legs on July 7, 2005, when suicide bomber Jermaine Lindsay blew himself up on the Piccadilly line between Kings Cross St Pancras and Russell Square stations.

It was a poignant day for her because it was the same day that London won the Olympic bid and she had celebrated that the night before.

Martine lost a huge amount of blood before being pulled from the carnage by off-duty police officer Elizabeth Kenworthy and then had to undergo major operations for nine months before learning to walk again.

She fell in love with sitting volleyball at a Paralympic taster day at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.