Loo campaign launch

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A campaign is being launched in a bid to get public toilets in Hemel Hempstead’s Bennetts End reopened.

Bosses at the community centre are fed up with finding needles and pregnancy tests in its toilets since the nearby public loos were closed.

And householders have spotted people who have been caught short relieving themselves in bushes near their homes.

Community centre manager Sharon Lowe said: “Some of the bushes are alongside where the nursery is. There is a health and hygiene issue.”

Sharon said the offenders are taxi drivers, postmen, council workers: “Anyone that can’t readily or quickly jump in a car and go home,” she said.

Call to action meetings, hosted by Bennetts End Neighbourhood Association, which has been in touch with the British Toilet Association, will explore ways to get Dacorum Borough Council to reopen the public toilets, controversially closed in 2009. The meetings are next Wednesday, November 28, at 1.30pm and 7.30pm.

The association says more people using the centre – run as a charity – is costing them extra money in paper towels and toilet rolls.

Three years ago a total of 11 out of 19 conveniences were axed by the council. Since then the Leverstock Green toilets have been reopened and Adeyfield Community Centre’s loos were refurbished and made available to the public.

Bennetts End’s toilets are still in place but are closed and the water and electricity have been shut off.