Man arrested over CDs containing computer viruses, religious warning and pornography

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A man has been arrested after an array of CDs containing religious warnings, pornographic material and computer viruses were left in homes across the Chiltern area.

The 35-year-old from Hemel Hempstead was arrested on suspicion of distributing indecent images and possession of indecent images.

Over the last week members of the public have reported a number of CDs being found in streets and gardens of homes. A number of discs have been found in flowerboxes and flowerbeds in The Spinney and Broad Street, Chesham, and Whielden Street, Amersham.

Chiltern and South Bucks CID strongly advise people not to upload the CDs to view the content but to hand them into police. It is understood they may contain religious warnings, offensive and illegal pornographic material and computer viruses.

The man is believed to have delivered discs in the area of Park Place, Plantation Road and Roundwood Road in Amersham. Officers will be making house to house enquiries today to retrieve any discs they may have been given.

Investigating officer PC Bridgeworth, from Chiltern and South Bucks Local CID, said: “I would urge anyone who receives, or finds, one of these discs not to open them on their computer or laptop, but to either contact us via 101 quoting URN 509 (13/9) or to hand it in to their nearest police station.

“The disc contains writing and a symbolic cross in black.

“If anyone has any information about these discs and their distribution that could assist the police, no matter how small a detail this may seem, then please contact Chiltern and South Bucks Local CID via 101.

“I would like to thank the public for their continued help in this matter.”