Man died of cancer 50 years after asbestos exposure

A elderly man who was otherwise in good health died from mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos around 50 years earlier.

William Wade, who passed away at St Joseph’s care home in Tring, was exposed to the toxic material while working in a laboratory at Willesden Technical College, London, where asbestos had been used to insulate steam pipes.

Cricket fan Mr Wade, 86, began to feel unwell towards the end of 2011 and tests discovered an aggressive mesothelioma - a terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

At an inquest into his death held on Thursday Herts Coroner Edward Thomas said: “The exposure from 50 years ago is very compatible with the later onset of symptoms that occurred at the end of 2011/12.”

Mr Wade’s condition deteriorated and in February he was admitted to St Joseph’s. He died on March 10 this year.

Mr Thomas said: “He seems to me a lovely man and it must have been so devastating - first to see him unwell and then when he died of mesothelioma.”

He recorded that Mr Wade died of the industrial disease mesothelioma.