Moor End Road bus lane victory for motorists

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Thousands of drivers fined for using a controversial bus lane have been given a massive boost in their campaign against the penalties.

The traffic penalty tribunal investigating whether motorists using the notorious Moor End Road bus lane in Hemel Hempstead should have been given fines has found in favour of the drivers.

Since the enforcement camera was switched on last July it has caught out thousands of motorists, who have been slapped with £60 fines.

Many people appealed claiming the signs for the restriction were not clear.

An adjudication by the Traffic Penalties Tribunal on two test cases of appeals against penalties issued found that the traffic regulation order does not restrict traffic travelling from Leighton Buzzard Road eastwards.

The tribunal, held in February, came to a decision last week and found that vehicles travelling from Leighton Buzzard Road to Waterhouse Street were not contravening any traffic order.

It stated that Herts County Council cannot restrict traffic travelling westwards because it failed to reasonably bring the effect of the order to the attention of road users and the signs at the bus lane were unlawfully placed.

More than 33,000 fines were issued to motorists between August 2011 and January 2012. Campaigners have insisted signs on the road are unlawful and have called on the council to return fines.

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