Mr Claus and family are back in business

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A fundraising festive display that was cancelled last year following a family bereavement has returned.

The Winter wonderland put on by Tony Spicer – who plays the part of Santa Claus himself – was scrapped in 2011 after his father passed away.

But at the start of this month, Mr Spicer, after first running the idea past his mother, turned the lights on at his Primrose Hill home in Kings Langley.

Even a fall from a ladder while putting up the decorations, leaving the 58-year-old electrician with a broken arm has not deterred him. He has a red cast to match his Santa suit, which was fitted by medical staff at the hospital he raises money for.

Mr Spicer pulls in the pounds for the maternity unit at Watford General Hospital, which saved his wife Jane after she became seriously ill during labour with their daughter Kelly, now 24.

Jane helps out with the fundraising by playing the part of Mrs Claus, while Kelly is an elf.

The lights, made up of 3,775 bulbs, go on at 6.30pm and Santa meets children until 9.30pm.