Mum: ‘Aqua Vale sickness bug ruined my baby’s first birthday and could cost us family holiday’

Charlie White with son Noah, who was struck down with a stomach bug after going swimming at Aylesbury's Aqua Vale pool
Charlie White with son Noah, who was struck down with a stomach bug after going swimming at Aylesbury's Aqua Vale pool

A young mum is demanding an apology from pool bosses after she claims her baby son was struck down with a bug from Aqua Vale which has ruined his first birthday and could cost his family a holiday.

Charlie White, 27, wants answers after her son Noah contracted sickness and diarrhoea soon after going swimming with his mum, aunt and grandmother at Aqua Vale on April 1 – two days before the leisure pool was shut down after tests revealed the presence of cryptosporidium bacteria in the water.

Little Noah, who turns one today, began projectile vomiting and suffering with diarrhoea and crippling stomach pains at home after swallowing some of the water during his swim.

The hairdresser said: “He started being violently sick and projectile vomiting everywhere. I’ve never seen so much sick come out of a tiny baby.

“We’ve got through so much cot bedding, and he’s had diarrhoea as well which has caused nappy rash and a bacterial infection on his bottom.”

The youngster is still not himself more than a week after his visit, and Charlie said the family are awaiting test results to confirm that he has been suffering from the cryptosporidium bacterial infection, which causes diarrhoea.

Charlie said: “We actually thought it was a food allergy at first, but then my sister sent me the link to the story on The Bucks Herald and I put two and two together.

“It’s such a shame, because it’s the first time he was able to swim properly and really enjoy himself.”

Charlie, of Dundale Road, Tring, and her family planned to hold a birthday party for Noah on Sunday, but they fear he may not be well enough to join in the celebrations.

She said: “We’re supposed to be going on holiday to Great Yarmouth on Monday, but I honestly don’t think we’ll be able to go if he’s still like this.”

Miss White said she and her family were previously great fans of Aqua Vale but that their experience has definitely put them off going back, and now she wants to spread the word to others.

“I know it’s not just my son that’s suffered, so I want to warn other parents. No child should have to go through what he’s been through.

“I want them to say sorry, and I want an explanation as to why it was allowed to stay open for that long after they knew.”

The pool remained open 11 days after Aylesbury Vale District Council informed Aqua Vale owner Everyone Active of two cases of sickness from people who had swum there.

At that time the company – after advice from Environmental Health – decided not to close the pool, but completed extra cleaning works and conducted water tests.

It was only on April 3, when results revealed that bacteria was still present in the pool, that the firm took the decision to close.

Aqua Vale reopened on Wednesday after tests showed there was no longer any dangerous bugs present in the water.

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