‘My rise to fame’: Hemel Hempstead man, 68, speaks on life in the spotlight after having a picture of his lawn-mowing 28-year-old wife tattooed on his bald patch

The 68-year-old man who had a image of his 28-year-old wife mowing the lawn tattooed onto his bald patch has been reflecting about his newfound celebrity.

Bob Baker, of The Rowans, Warners End, has been in the Daily Mirror, Daily Star and other national newspapers and magazines after featuring in the Gazette earlier this year.

Bob Baker, 68, and his wife Kelly, 28.

Bob Baker, 68, and his wife Kelly, 28.

And in his latest spell in the spotlight, he and wife Kelly have been invited to appear on TV show This Morning.

Kelly is now stepmother to his three children, who are all a decade or more older than she is.

In fact, it was Bob’s two daughters – Lorraine Biswell, 38, and Tracy Khan, 44 – who paid for him to have the tattoo, as a Father’s Day present in June.

His eldest grandchild Tahra is just three years younger than Kelly and recently had a child, five-month-old Layla – making Kelly a great-grandmother.

Bob Baker's tattoo.

Bob Baker's tattoo.

Kelly and Bob have been together for seven years and married for three years. They met through Bob’s former girlfriend, who was also in her 20s.

Bob said: “We haven’t looked back. And what with going on television soon and the Daily Mirror putting us in the paper, it’s really, really good.

“People say: ‘Why are you having it done?’ I say: ‘Well, I don’t mind - I am not hiding anything. I am showing people that I am enjoying myself.’”

Kelly said she has bad relationships in the past – but Bob is really caring towards her.

She said: “He looks after me and he takes care of me – it’s like, security.”

Bob likes Kelly because of her cheerful approach to life.

He said: “She’s always happy. It’s very hard to see her get grumpy.”

And their sex life? Bob said: “Viagra – that helps quite a lot now and then.”