New CCTV cameras could be installed to catch flytippers... but let’s hope they don’t get shot at this time!

This mound of rubbish was found blocking the Nickey Line in Redbourn yesterday evening
This mound of rubbish was found blocking the Nickey Line in Redbourn yesterday evening

CCTV cameras may be installed at a flytipping hotspot to catch the litterbugs who keep returning there.

They would go near the entrance to the Nickey Line outside of Flowers Farm in Redbourn – where a big mound of rubble was dumped last week

An example of flytipping in Dacorum

An example of flytipping in Dacorum

The pile of trash has been dumped at the scenic spot – popular with walkers and cyclists and next to the Hemel Hempstead Road – twice in less than two months.

St Albans District Council – which is responsible for flytipping in that area – now says it will ‘monitor’ the area for further flytipping and consider installing CCTV there.

Mike Lovelady, head of the authority’s legal, democratic, and regulatory services, said: “We have visited the site and inspected the fly-tipped waste which was mostly builders’ rubble.

“No evidence was found to indicate who may have dumped it. We have now arranged for the waste to be removed as it is blocking access to the Nickey Line.”

St Albans District Council already has covert cameras in areas that are known to be popular with litterbugs.

But their use doesn’t always go to plan.

A man who discovered four of them in a wooded, rural area in Bedmond Lane three months ago shot them with an air rifle, causing £900 of damage.

Harley Lyons-Crisp, 21, of Ridgeway, Kensworth, has now been charged with criminal damage and possession of a loaded air rifle for the offence.

He will now appear at St Albans Magistrates Court on Friday.

Mr Lovelady said: “Flytipping is a criminal act that leaves a nasty stain on the beautiful landscape.

“You can be fined up to £50,000 or go to prison for up to five years for flytipping waste. It also costs the council, and ultimately taxpayers, money to the remove the waste.

“Please ensure that you deliver your waste to a local authority waste disposal site, or if you run a business use a waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency.

“If you see anyone fly-tipping or rubbish that has been dumped, please contact 01727 819598 or email We are grateful to people who tell us about this problem.”

Flytipping in the Dacorum area – which covers Hemel Hempstead, Tring and Berkhamsted - can be reported here