‘New market has a touch of class’

Market traders Michael Smith, 31, with brother Lee, 30.
Market traders Michael Smith, 31, with brother Lee, 30.

A Wednesday market will be launched in Berkhamsted High Street from September 19 – and its founders says it will be an upmarket affair, and just right for the town.

Husband and wife Emy and Michael Smith had applied to run their fruit and veg stall at the town’s bustling Saturday market.

But after they were turned away due to lack of space, the pair realised a raft of traders wanted to move into the town – but couldn’t set up shop for the same reason.

Emy, 22, said: “We have wanted to trade in Berkhamsted for so long, because it’s such a lovely town. It’s the sort of town we like to trade in – more upmarket places.”

She said the town is ‘upper-class’ and that traders are queuing up for stalls in it.

Michael, 31, and Emy also run their stall, Smith and Son, at a Tuesday market in Thame.

They have selected 12 of its best stalls to go into the Berkhamsted market, selling everything from food to birthday cards, carpets and older women’s clothing.

Smith and Son claims only to sell the best quality of produce, issuing receipts for each sale.

Emy said: “We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best quality at a reasonable price and we want our customers to come back time and time again.

“We are really, really excited about this opportunity.”