New Mill community say farewell to 100 years of social centre

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IT will be a sad day when a community says farewell to a social centre that is set to close after 100 years.

The people of New Mill will be holding a fun day this weekend as a final goodbye to a building that has served them well for generations.

The event from noon to 4pm will celebrate the facility through the ages and guests are being encouraged to dress up in clothes from one of the centre’s decades gone by.

Local battled for more than a year to stop Tring Team Parish from pulling down the cenrtre to make way for a development that will include a home for a chaplain for Tring School.

Chairman of the social centre’s committee Paul Messenger said: “We are pretty upset and not happy that we have to leave, but unfortunately the church owns the land.

“Personally I feel that the church has let the community down.

“New Mill will be non-existent in 10 years time and to me that’s a real shame.

“There is not even a signpost that indicates New Mill as the village it used to be.”

People felt so strongly about losing the centre they formed an action group to save it and a committee was formed with the aim to keep the doors open.

Members wrote to Tring School and the diocese of St Albans to ask for a reth hink and finally made a plea to Tring Town Council to support their cause.

The council had talks with the church to see if anything could be done, but the social centre committee was still given notice to vacate the building.

The church has worked with many of the groups that use the facility to help them find alternative accommodation.

From Monday the site will be back with the church and the development process will start in the near future.