New to volunteering? Find out all about it....

Introduction to volunteering at Vounteer Centre Dacorum.
Introduction to volunteering at Vounteer Centre Dacorum.

THOSE thinking about volunteering but wanting to find out more about what’s involved are invited to attend an informal workshop.

Dacorum’s Volunteer Centre is hosting Friday morning ‘Introduction to Volunteering’ sessions to reveal all about lending a hand.

Lorraine Rockminster said: “We are seeing more and more people who are new to volunteering. This is a good introduction for people who haven’t done it before.”

Workshop hosts explain what volunteering is, the scope of options available for people, the many reasons volunteers decide to help out and what to expect.

“Volunteering is the glue that holds the community together,” said Lorraine.

“We get people to think about why they are looking to volunteer – people do it for a whole host of reasons.

“We get them to think about what they like doing because there are so many different things they can do.

“It is very informal, very relaxed and a chance for people to ask questions.

“If they decide it is not for them at the end of the session that is absolutely fine, there is no pressure.

“Obviously we hope to enthuse people that it is a positive thing to do but for some people it is just not the right time.

Find out more by contacting the Volunteer Centre on 01442 247902