New zebra crossing helps children get to school safely

A new zebra crossing has been created to help children get to school safely.

Councillor Terry Douris said: “Hertfordshire County Council takes the safety of pedestrians, young and old very seriously, and I am pleased that we have been able to provide this important crossing to give a safer walking route to school for pupils at Bridgewater School.”

Controlled crossing points have also been created at the Durrants Lane and High Street junction to improve road safety.

Bridgewater School headteacher Caren Doodson said: “Bridgewater has a travel plan and within that plan is a commitment to encourage all pupils to walk to school, or to park and stride, so the installation of the new zebra crossing has improved the safety for the pupils and their families.”

In September, Berkhamsted schools launched a music video called Don’t be a Road Monster, which is aimed at parents who drive their children to school.

Led by Ashlyns School, it encourages mums and dads to drive and park responsibly, ensuring the safety of children entering and leaving schools.

The project was supported by parent volunteers, many of whom are professionals in the film and television industry, and featured 92 schoolchildren.