Nine-year-old girl critically ill in hospital after road smash as police investigate

Smash in Leys Road, Bennetts End.
Smash in Leys Road, Bennetts End.

Police are investigating as a nine-year-old girl lies critically ill in hospital with serious head injuries following a road smash yesterday afternoon.

Anyone who saw the collision between the girl and a black Toyota Yaris is asked to phone PC Jackie Reynolds on 101.

The 31-year-old female driver of the car has not been arrested – and police are now investigating what caused the Leys Road accident in Bennetts End.

The girl – who is believed to have attended nearby Lime Walk Primary School – and her father were flown to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge last night.

Emergency crews had been called to help her at 4.40pm yesterday, and began treating her injuries immediately. An eyewitness reported that she was unconscious and badly bruised.

A Magpas air ambulance carrying Dr Tom Odbert and paramedic Sally Boor arrived at 5pm, where they sedated the child and gave her anaesthetics.

Leys Road was closed for three hours yesterday while police investigated at the scene of the accident.