‘No villagers in favour’ of waterways plan

VILLAGERS are in strong opposition to plans for 13 new dwellings that they say would be a ‘major eyesore’ for the area.

British Waterways wants to build three blocks of four new buildings and convert a former workshop at its Marsworth Yard site.

But the parish council has hit out at the ‘over-intensive’ and ‘futuristic’ development, which is in a conservation area.

It also fears that increased traffic as a result of the plans will make a serious accident ‘inevitable’ at Watery Lane.

Since Aylesbury Vale District Council last considered the application in November, amendments to the plan have been made to lower the height of Block B by 0.75m, introduce two pedestrian refuge areas on Watery Lane and additional landscaping.

The parish council said: “The new dwellings aren’t in keeping with the surrounding area.

“It will fly in the face of the strongest concerns of parishioners and their council.”

Parish councillor Ray Brown said: “There isn’t anyone in the village in favour of it.

“This is smack bang in the middle of a conservation area. This design is totally over-the-top for that area.”

Plans also include upgrade of boaters’ facilities, the refurbishment of a crane and parking and landscaping.

British Waterways development manager Aiden Johnson-Hugill said: “We listened to local people’s concerns, and have made changes to the scheme.

“The scheme will improve access to the canal.”

Aylesbury Vale District Council planning development control committee meets to discuss the plans tomorrow.