It’s a smashing way to build a team as martial arts in Tring goes corporate

Grass Roots tai chi group
Grass Roots tai chi group

A MARTIAL arts club has found a lucrative extension to its offerings by hosting sessions for corporate clients.

Tring Martial Arts has added board breaking to its energetic and relaxing remit of sessions that it offers to the business world.

Instructor Chris Allen explained that he was trying to get it off the ground and has only held one session for a young salesman who needed a confidence boost.

Corporate clients make up about 25 per cent of the martial arts club’s annual income and Chris has held sessions for HBOS, T-Mobile and Holiday Inn.

Currently his kickboxing and tai chi classes are most popular with people who work in fast-paced environments. They use kickboxing to fire up and tai chi to de-stress.

Grass Roots was the latest in a long line of high flying companies that have taken part in a team building exercise at Tring Martial Arts.

The team visited the centre in Akeman Street last Tuesday to do a team building workshop, which included an hour of tai chi, partner exercises and making kung fu noises.

Luke Brason, head of the creative team, said: “A couple of people were nervous about what to expect but Chris quickly put everyone at ease.

“The session was relaxing and well structured. It was definitely worth doing as a team building exercise – we got lots of positive feedback from the participants.”

Grass Roots spokesman Yvonne Blandford said: “We wanted something a bit different that would be relaxing and encourage people to work together.”