Tring community centre plans to cash in on night trade

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A SELF-FUNDING community centre has come up with an unusual idea to make extra cash to help towards running costs.

Following a successful overnight stay of a group of hikers from Imperial College London, Silk Mill Community Centre, in Tring, is considering offering a hostel-style service for people passing through the area.

Manager Karen Bowden is going to bring the idea up at the next management committee meeting on Tuesday, June 19 and hopes members will agree to advertise the hall for overnight stays.

She said: “The group stayed on Saturday, February 25 because they were on a night hike around the Chilterns.

“In terms of funds it was successful because they booked the hall overnight, slept on the floor and used our facilities for cooking their breakfast.

“We had never done anything like that and it worked well.”

The guests brought in £190 towards the £25,000 annual running cost for the hall.