‘On guard’ warning after crooks grab bikes

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A mum is warning others after her two young children’s bikes were snatched when she turned her back for less than 10 minutes.

Seven-year-old Amber’s silver and pink push bike, which is covered with puppy stickers, and her sister Emily’s purple mountain bike were taken from the driveway in Deaconsfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, at around midday on Sunday.

Mum Nicky Brewin said: “I am amazed that people can do it. It is obviously a small child’s bike. It has still got stabilisers on it.

“I’m pretty convinced that someone came along in a car or van and took them.

“People should be aware that you can’t leave anything out, even in your own garden. I won’t leave anything out there now.”

Nicky was planning to walk the dog while her children rode their bikes but was distracted by a phone call, which she estimates lasted less than 10 minutes, and when she went outside the bicycles had vanished.

Police have conducted house-to-house enquiries and are appealing for anyone with information to contact them via 101, quoting D1/12/7308.