One in 20 pensioners have never worked


A survey of pensioners in Dacorum has shown that almost five per cent of them have never had a job.

The figures, produced by life insurance and financial services firm Prudential, looked at which profession over-65s worked in before they retired. But 4.7 per cent - or 952 OAPs – registered themselves as ‘Never worked’.

The most common profession for retires in Dacorum is ‘Administrative and secretarial occupations’ which employeed nearly a fifth – 19.5 per cent – of all over-65s.

After that, the next most popular former professions were ‘professional 
occupations’ (13.9 per cent) and ‘elementary occupations’ (13.3 per cent).

Dacorum had one of the lowest figures for retirees who had never worked.

Out of 346 local 
authorities, 283 had a higher proportion of retirees who have never worked, with the biggest figure being Tower Hamlets where a quarter had never held a job.