Only Watford beats Hemel Hempstead in crash listings

New research suggests you’re more likely to have a car crash in Hemel Hempstead than anywhere else in the country – except Watford.

There were 177.5 ‘at fault’ claims made in the last five years per 1,000 drivers in Hemel Hempstead between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013.

The only place where that figure is higher is Watford, which had 180 ‘at fault’ claims per 1,000 drivers.

In third place, Chelmsford had 171.4, St Albans came fourth with 169.9 and Enfield fifth with 169.4.

The figures were compiled from data put in to create more than 13 million car insurance quotes on the comparison website

The site’s car insurance expert Peter Harrison said: “Living in a commuter town like Watford or Hemel Hempstead will have an impact on the level of the car insurance premium you will pay. Heavily congested areas, particularly around key commuter routes such as Greater London mean statistically you are more likely to make a claim.”

The research also shows that Subaru drivers are least likely to make an ‘at fault’ car insurance claim.