Patch-up promise but teen’s car is a pothole victim

Potholes in Back Lane, Colsterworth'Photo: MSMP100113-021ow
Potholes in Back Lane, Colsterworth'Photo: MSMP100113-021ow

People being driven potty by potholes are being reassured that a mission to carry out hundreds of road repairs is under way.

Crews from Ringway highway maintenance are working on behalf of Herts County Council to begin filling in the proliferating potholes which have caused readers to voice their frustrations.

Dennis Huke contacted the Gazette after his 17-year-old grandson’s car was written off by a pothole near his work at Amazon in Boundary Way.

Mr Huke said: “He caught this great pothole on his way to work.

“It was about 18 inches square and nearly four inches deep.

“How on earth he didn’t go right up the bank and lose his steering, I don’t know. He could have really hurt himself.”

The impact damaged the electric system in Christopher Cutler’s car, writing it off and losing Mr Huke most of the £700 he had paid for it.

He added: “A lot of the roads around Hemel are just like a slalom course.

“If everyone is just forced to steer around the potholes, it causes a danger to others, too.”

To help rid Hemel Hempstead of dangerous potholes, report them using the council’s online system at, or by calling 0300 123 4047.