People power scheme that could help you save a stash of cash on energy bills

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A new scheme is making it easier for householders to get the best price from energy suppliers.

Herts County Council launched Ready to Switch in November last year. It works by combining the buying power of the county’s bill-payers with that of two million others from across the country and means people can save up to £300 on their annual gas and electricity bills.

Those wanting to save cash have another chance to sign up to the collective energy buying scheme by visiting before Monday, June 3.

Leader of the council Robert Gordon said: “Ready To Switch makes finding a cheaper deal on your energy bills as simple as a click of a mouse. All you have to do is put in some basic information, then the system does all the calculations for you. After the closing date, you’re emailed with details of how much money you could save then with one click you can switch.”

After signing up, bill payers are under no obligation to accept the deal offered to them but for everyone that switches the council’s Keep Warm, Stay Well campaign receives a referral fee.