People were ready for a change, says poll winner Ron

Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat
Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat

The man who topped the poll in yesterday’s election in Adeyfield says that the voters were ready for a change.

Liberal Democrat Ron Tindall, who already represents the Adeyfield West area as part of his larger ward on Herts County Council, will now also be fighting their cause on Dacorum Borough Council as well.

Thursday’s vote saw a big swing towards the Lib Dems as they saw off the challenge from Labour, who had previously held the seat, and won by 85 votes.

The result means that the Labour group at the Civic Centre, which once comfortably controlled the borough, is now reduced to a single councillor.

Speaking on Friday morning, Ron said: “I’d like to thank the people of Adeyfield West for voting for me, they obviously felt the time was right for a change.

“It reinforces the view that the Liberal Democrats are providing the only opposition to the Tories, both in Dacorum and across the county.”

Speaking of the push being made by UKIP, which finished in fourth place and which will be posting a candidate in every county council ward for elections in May, he said: “UKIP are a single issue protest party trying to bring national politics into local elections. Voters aren’t interested in national issues, they want to know about local services.”

He says one hot topic he will be keen to address in Adeyfield is the problem of parking which is frustrating locals and causing damage to the green verges in the area as the number of cars continues to oustrip the provision made in the original plans for the first of the new town neighbourhoods.

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