Hertfordshire County Council WILL pay staff at risk of Covid-19 who ‘self-isolate’

County council confirms that any member of staff that has to 'self-isolate' will be paid

Any employee of Hertfordshire County Council who has to ‘self-isolate’ because of the risk of Covid-19 will continue to be paid, it has emerged.

Hertfordshire County Council offices

Hertfordshire County Council offices

‘Self-isolation’ is part of a national strategy designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

And it means those deemed to be at risk of having the virus have to stay at home – even if they are symptom free.

Now Hertfordshire County Council has confirmed that any member of their staff that has to ‘self-isolate’ will continue to be paid.

“In line with every area in England we are planning for coronavirus cases across every department of the council to ensure we manage any issues,” said a spokesperson for the county council.

“In the event of any employees being required to self-isolate, they will continue to be paid by the county council.”

Meanwhile the county council has also increased the number and size of hand sanitizer dispensers around their main buildings.

But, while they say this may have the ‘added benefit’ of protection against coronovirus, they say the action is in response to a range of viruses in the region.

“Hand sanitizer is provided every year during flu season in our main buildings within Hertfordshire County Council,” said a spokesperson for the county council.

“This year we have moved from smaller gel pumps to larger foam pump dispensers on the walls that are more visible and make hand cleaning less messy.

“We have increased the number of dispensers in light of the range of viruses circulating in the east of England, including gastro-intestinal bugs.

“This also has the added benefit of providing protection against coronavirus.”