Police warn drivers to be vigilant after spate of vehicle thefts in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Police is warning drivers to be vigilant following a spate of keyless vehicle thefts across the county at the weekend

Sometimes vehicles are stolen when thieves jam the remote door locking frequency by using specialist jamming equipment. They then enter the vehicle and clone a key from the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port using specialist software.



To help prevent this crime, officers are advising drivers to consider fitting an ‘OBD safe’ device, a secure lockable device that fits over the vehicle’s on board diagnostic port, in the vehicle cabin. This prevents criminals using software to code a key from the vehicle. Police recommend devices that are ‘Thatcham’ approved, 'Sold Secure', or 'Secured By Design'.

Officers have offered some steps to help keep vehicles more secure:

> Keep vicinity vehicle keys in a signal blocking pouch which stops the signal from your key, police approved ‘Secured By Design’ signal blocking pouches can be purchased online.

> Keep key away from the front of your property; either upstairs and/or hidden away is preferable.

> Check your manual or with your dealer if it is possible to switch the key’s signal off.

> For additional security, consider purchasing a steering wheel lock.

> If your vehicle has an alarm or immobiliser, ensure these are enabled.

> If your vehicle doesn’t have a tracker, consider getting one fitted. Fit a dual band tracking device that works on VHF/UHF and GPS to ensure that one tracking system is still functioning if criminals use GPS blocking techniques to avoid detection. Purchase devices to ‘Thatcham’ and ‘SBD’ approval. Vehicles equipped with a tracking device are often promptly recovered.

If you witness any suspicious activity around vehicles or homes, call police immediately.

For more advice visit: www.herts.police.uk/protectyourproperty.