Scott battles for MasterChef crown tonight

Pitstone cook Scott Barnard
Pitstone cook Scott Barnard

Viewers will find out tonight if Pitstone ‘s Scott Barnard will be crowned champion of Masterchef: The Professionals.

Last night’s BBC2 episode saw the 33-year-old survive yet another knock-out round to make the final stage of the three-part finale to the cooking contest.

Taking part in an invention test, Scott’s duck egg dish saw him cruise into the final stage as four chefs became three.

Impressed judge Marcus Wareing declared it “very clever”, with Gregg Wallace adding: “I love it all”. Although overall impressed, third judge Monica Galetti pointed out “it’s not the most refined plate of food”.

Viewers then saw the surviving three contestants taken to Alba, Northern Italy where they cooked for three Michelin star chef Enrico Crippa at his Piazza Duomo restaurant.

Here Scott prepared a Salad 41 (referring to the number of ingredients on the plate) and a lamb dish.

Enrico said of his efforts: “I think you understand my philosophy. It’s good, very good.”

Thrilled Scott reflected: “I cooked for a 3 Michelin star chef and basically gave him a plate of salad leaves. I suppose I’ve got some balls doing that!”

The next day, the chefs had to prepare a six-course meal in Enrico’s restaurant.

Scott’s courgette dish got the thumbs up from Marcus, Gregg and Monica.

His prawn risotto was describe as “incredible” with Monica enthusing: “I’m going to remember this risotto for many years to come.”

Scott, and the other two challengers for the MasterChef title, will appear in the final episode tonight (Christmas Eve) at 8pm as they prepare a three-course menu for the judges.

Dad-of-one Scott, who is a chef at The Grove in Hertfordshire applied for the show back in January, passing two phone interviews, and a screen test.

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