Permission refused for three homes on bungalow base

Plans to demolish a bungalow to make way for three detached four-bedroom homes were blocked by councillors.

The proposal for new homes in Ashlyns Road, Berkhamsted, was put before Dacorum Borough Council’s development control committee after the town council objected to the homes, saying it would have an adverse impact on neighbours.

During the meeting on Thursday, the committee heard from two objectors – a neighbour to the planned development and Berkhamsted town councillor Tom Ritchie.

Mr Ritchie said the town council is happy that the site should be developed but said: “We feel there should be two houses not three.”

Committee member Councillor Ian Reay said: “I think the number of dwellings should be fewer, they should be lower and set further back.”

Councillors voted to refuse the application due to the homes being too high, the spacing between the properties being at odds with the character of the area and the overbearing impact it will have on neighbours.