‘Petrol peeve is not a scam,’ says Tesco

Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire
Photo: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Supermarket chain Tesco says it is confident there are no issues with its petrol dispensers in Hemel Hempstead despite concerns from a customer that he was being scammed out of money.

Driver Ray Long, who uses the filling station at the Tesco Extra supermarket in Jarman Way, said he frequently noticed his total cost would jump straight to eight or nine pence as soon as he began using the nozzle to fill up.

The issue was put to Tesco, who explained that customers were getting the exact amount of petrol that they paid for – but that the modern, fast-acting pumps used at the station simply cause the flow of fuel to start swiftly.

A spokesman for the grocery giant said: “We have taken a look at the pump and are confident that our meter is working correctly.”

It was also revealed that no complaints about the petrol filling station or dispensers have been received by the store.

The Jarman Way filling facility is open 24 hours and offers pay-at-pump service.