‘Pick up dog poo’ drive

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Children will be invited to transform themselves into ‘Scooper Heroes’ and wear specially designed Superman-style capes in a bid to raise awareness of a rising tide of dog poo.

It’s all part of a drive launching on Friday, called The Big Scoop, organised by Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy, supported by Dacorum Borough Council, which will get a free supply of poo bags and literature.

Dogs Trust says there has been a increase in dog fouling, which has been put down to a rising population of dogs. It is the first rise in dog fouling in 10 years and 96 per cent of people confirm they have trodden in the stuff.

Dacorum Borough Council dog warden Sarah Lewis said: “While out and about in the borough, I often meet concerned residents who tell me about dog fouling on their streets, in their parks and other open spaces.

“Many of these residents are dog owners themselves, who are dismayed at the actions of the few irresponsible owners in Dacorum who refuse to ‘bag it and bin it’.

“Here in Dacorum we have taken steps in recent years to tackle this problem and I fully support The Big Scoop as an excellent initiative to highlight the problems of dog fouling and urge people to take responsibility for their dogs.”

Research shows that nearly 30 per cent of respondents would actually pick up another dog’s mess, and 60 per cent would point out the left behind mess to the dog owner.

A massive 64 per cent of people consider dog mess to be the most offensive litter item.

Campaign celebrity supporter Ben Fogle said: “Thousands of pounds are spent each year on ensuring public spaces are kept clean and this could all be so much easier if dog owners remembered the simple message to ‘bag it, bin it.’

For more infomation visit www.thebigscoop.org.uk