Pitstone thieves target BMW steering wheels

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BMW drivers are being warned to secure their vehicles after a spate of steering wheel thefts in Pitstone.

PC Steve Brisley, neighbourhood officer for the village, said: “Over the past two weeks we have had a few strange thefts of steering wheels from BMWs.

“In Pitstone, there were three in one week, but there have been issues in Wendover and Hertfordshire.

“We don’t know quite why they have been targeted, but apparently the wheel itself is valued from three to four hundred pound a piece.

“Offenders are breaking in through the boot and disconnecting the wiring for the air bag before taking the steering wheel from the front.”

He warned people to keep cars locked, not to leave keys in vehicles, store cars in garages where possible and make sure car alarms are switched on.

Mr Brisley said Thames Valley Police is about to launch its summer burglary campaign, which targets the expected rise in crime during warmer weather.