Planning bulletin: Dacorum Borough Council, published April 27, 2013

Recent details of applications made to Dacorum Borough Council for planning permission to carry out development include the following proposals.

4/02249/11/Ret, Agricultural Storage Building, Chipperfield Nurseries, Five Acre Field, Tower Hill, Chipperfield

4/00472/13/Ful, Single Storey Extension To Reception Area, Rear First Floor Balcony, External Sliding Glazed Doors To Family Interview Room. Additional 30 Car Parking Spaces. Two External Timber Clad Sheds, Hospice Of St Francis, Spring Garden Lane, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Gw

4/00515/13/Lbc, Replacement Leaded Stained Glass To Front Door, Bridgewater Mews Cottage, Little Gaddesden, Hp4 1Pa

4/00563/13/Drc, Details Of Remediation Scheme, Monitoring And Maintenance Scheme And Contamination As Required By Conditions 13(B), 14, 15(3)&(4) Of Planning Permission 4/01173/11/Mfa (Comprehensive Redevelopment To Provide A Range Of 75 Residential Dwellings; New Class B1, B2 And B8 Accommodation (Including The Retention Of Two Light Industrial Buildings Within Sharose Court); A New Surgery/Health Centre; 3 Commercial Units (For Class A1/A2/A3/A4 And B1 Use), Creation Of A Public Square, Associated Landscaping; Formation Of New Access Roads And Provision Of 197 Car Parking Space (Amended Scheme), Land At, Hicks Road, Markyate, Al3 8Lg

4/00586/13/Ldp, Hip To Gable Loft Conversion With Rear Dormer And Roof Lights To Front Roof Slope. Provision Of Off Street Parking Within Current Front Garden, 50 Meadow Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Eb

4/00595/13/Ful, Ramp From Home Shopping To New Grocery Collection Area. New Signage For Grocery Collection, Asda, Hillfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Aa

4/00596/13/Adv, Three Non-Illuminated Grocery Directional Signs - One Lollipop And Two Fixed To Columns, Asda, Hillfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Aa

4/00613/13/Ful,Installation Of External Lighting (Amended Scheme), St. Cuthbert Mayne Rc Junior Mixed School, Clover Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 3Ea

4/00614/13/Ldp, Part Single Storey Rear Extension, 1 Clinton End, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Pd

4/00615/13/Vot, Construction Of Dwelling And Alterations To Existing House - Variation Of Time Limit To Planning Permission 4/01282/05/Ful - Variation Of Time Limit On Planning Permission 4/00529/10/Vot, 21 Hall Park, Berkhamsted, Hp4 2Nu

4/00620/13/Fha, Garage Conversion And New Detached Single Garage, 1 Oakwood, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Nq

4/00650/13/Drc, Details Of Materials, Hard And Soft Landscape Works And Contamination As Required By Conditions 2, 3 & 5 Of Planning Permission 4/00157/11/Ful (Detached Dwelling (Amendment To Planning Permission 4/02284/08), 90 Masons Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Qu

4/00657/13/Fha, Additional Vehicular Access To Existing Driveway With Associated Alterations Including New Entrance Gates, Birch Lane House, Birch Lane, Flaunden, Hp3 0Pt

4/00666/13/Drc, Details Of Materials And Exterior Lighting Required By Conditions 3 And 11 Of Planning Permission 4/02068/13/Drc. (Construction Of Storage Building), Land R/O War Memorial, Watermill Hotel, London Road, Bourne End.

4/00667/13/Ret, Timber Garage, 133 Green End Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Rt

4/00677/13/Ful, Replace Existing Stables, Manege And Outbuildings With A New Single Storey Dwelling With Vehicular Access Via Existing Gated Entrance To Croft Lane, Field N-W Of The Paddocks, Croft Lane, Chipperfield

4/00681/13/Ful, Soil Levelling Works, Land At Nettleden Lodge, Nettleden, Hp1 3Db

4/00684/13/Ldp, Loft Conversion With Rear Dormer And Two Skylights To Front Sloping Roof And Single Storey Rear Extension, 7 Belham Road, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Bx

4/00685/13/Fha, Two Storey Side And Rear Extension, 39 Trebellan Drive, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 5El

4/00686/13/Fha, Creation Of Vehicle Crossover Across Public Footpath And Hardstanding In Front Garden, 3 Boundary Cottages, Chipperfield Road, Bovingdon, Hp3 0Jt

4/00687/13/Fha, Two-Storey Rear And Single Storey Front Extension, 27 Church Lane, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Jt

4/00695/13/Fha, Single Storey Extension. Demolition Of Garden Wall. Replacement Garden Gate, Gable Cottage, Langdon Street, Tring, Hp23 6az

4/00710/13/Fha, Demolition Of Existing Conservatory And Construction Of Single Storey Rear Extension, 57 Cross Oak Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Hz

4/00711/13/Fha, Single Storey Side Garage Extension, Single And Two Storey Rear Extension, Shendish View, 79 Belswains Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Pp

4/00712/13/Drc, Details Of Oil Tank And Enclosure Required By Conditions 3 And 4 Of Planning Application 4/02282/12/Fha, Dunsley Bungalow, Cow Lane, Tring, Hp23 5ns

4/00713/13/Drc, Details Of Windows Required By Conditions 2, 3, 4 And 5 Of Consent 4/02079/12/Lbc (Replacement Windows), 1 Wheelers Yard, Tring Road, Long Marston, Hp23 4Fl

4/00715/13/Adv, Hanging Sign, First Floor, 234A High Street, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Ag

4/00718/13/Lbc, Creation Of Ensuite In Loft Space, 4 Stocks Farm Barns, Stocks Road, Aldbury, Hp23 5Rx

4/00719/13/Ful, Dwelling House, R/O, 75 High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 3Af

4/00725/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, Two Storey Front And Side Extension, 3 The Green, Potten End, Hp4 2Qh

4/00726/13/Ldp, Extension To Existing Side Dormer, 6 Finchdale, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Rs

4/00727/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension And Loft Conversion Including New Gable End To Existing Hipped Roof, 10 Woodlands Avenue, Berkhamsted, Hp4 2Jh

4/00729/13/Tpo, Felling Of 2 X Sycamore Trees, 1 Priory Gardens, Berkhamsted, Hp4 2Dr

4/00730/13/Ful, New Shopfront And Plant, Unit C5/C6 & C7, Riverside, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Bt

4/00731/13/Adv, Various Illuminated And Non-Illuminated Signage, Unit C5/C6 & C7, Riverside, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Bt

4/00734/13/Vot, Variation Of Time Of Planning Permission 4/00670/10/Ful (Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Garage And Construction Of 4-Bed Detached Dwelling) Westbrook Edge, London Road, Bourne End, Hp1 2Rh

4/00735/13/Fha, Rear Conservatory, 121 Anchor Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Ns

4/00736/13/Fha, Dropped Kerb, Fencing And New Driveway, 9 Church Lane, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Jp

4/00737/13/Fha, Single Storey And First Floor Rear Extensions, Conversion Of Garage, Flat Roof Infill, Windows To Side Elevations And Sunpipe Dome, 40 Belmont Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Ny

4/00738/13/Ldp, Single Storey Rear Extension, 47 Neptune Drive, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 5Qd

4/00739/13/Ldp, Single Storey Side Extension, 35 Ashlyns Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Bl

4/00741/13/Tpo, Works To Sycamore Trees, 16 Upper Hall Park, Berkhamsted, Hp4 2Nw

4/00742/13/Tpo, Works To Oak Tree, 17 Wrensfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Rn

4/00745/13/Fha, Two Storey Rear Extension And Pitched Roof To Front Projection, 86 Pickford Road, Markyate, Al3 8Rw

4/00746/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, 16 Halwick Close, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Xg

4/00748/13/Fha, Replacement Front Porch, Partially Infilling Existing Cupboard And Canopy Roof, 37 Autumn Glades, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 8Ub

4/00750/13/Fha, Increase The Ridge Height Of The Garage With Dormers To The Front And Rear With Single Storey Rear/Side Infill Extension, 26 Beaumayes Close, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Sw

4/00752/13/Tca, Works To Trees (Three Deodar Cedar), All Saints Church, Shrublands Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Hy

4/00753/13/Roc, Variation Of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) Attached To Planning Permission 4/01365/12/Ful. (Conversion Of Existing D1/B1 Office Building To C3 Residential Use Comprising Two 2-Bed Flats, Two 1-Bed Flats And Two Studio Flats), 0-12, Queensway, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Lr

4/00757/13/Fha, Two Storey Side Extension, 9 Adams Way, Tring, Hp23 5dy

4/00762/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, Replacement Front Porch, Alterations To Existing Bay Window, New Front Canopy, Three Rear And Two Front Dormer Windows, Oakbank, Bell Lane, Northchurch, Hp4 3Ts

4/00763/13/Fha, Single Storey Front Extension With Roof Overhang, New Chimney Stack To Existing And Single Storey Front And Side Extension Incorporating Two Attached Double Garages With Roof Space, West Winds Cottage, Bovingdon Green, Bovingdon, Hp3 0Lb

4/00765/13/Tca, Removal Of Eucalyptus Tree And Reduction Of Willow And Conifer Trees, 15 Middle Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Eq

4/00766/13/Nma, Single Storey Front And Rear Extension - Non Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/00250/13/Fha, The Paddocks, Rambling Way, Potten End, Hp4 2Se

4/00768/13/Fha, Ground Floor Rear Extension, 2 Malus Close, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Hn

4/00773/13/Ful, Change Of Use Of Agricultural Land For The Permanent Storage Of Ten Caravans, Miswell Farm, Icknield Way, Tring, Hp23 4jt

4/00774/13/Fha, Rear/Side Conservatory, 1 Shootersway Lane, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Np

4/00775/13/Tca, Works To Vareigated Privet And Purple Leaf Plum, 71 Cross Oak Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Hz

4/00776/13/Tpo, Works To Trees, Apsley Lock, Belswains Lane, Hemel Hempstead

4/00778/13/Fha, Demolition Of Existing Garage And Conservatory, Single Storey Rear Extension, Single Storey Side Extension With Hipped Roof And Loft Conversion Incorporating Roof Alterations To The Rear, 57 Rucklers Lane, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Ax

Applications and accompanying plans can be viewed at Planning Reception, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, from 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday and from 8.45am to 4.45pm on Friday.