Planning bulletin: Dacorum Borough Council, published March 16, 2014

Recent details of applications made to Dacorum Borough Council for planning permission to carry out development include the following proposals.

4/00173/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Construction Of Three Two-Storey Three-Bedroom Terraced Dwellings With Parking, Landscaping And Creation Of Vehicle Crossovers, The Pennant, Doctors Commons Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Dw

4/00271/14/Fha, Replace Existing Roofing Sheets With A Pitched Roof, Putnams Lodge, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Hp23 6jg

4/00278/14/Fha, Alterations To Roof Comprising Increased Ridge Height, Addition Of Front Dormer And Widening Of Rear Dormer. Installation Of Solar Panels. Canopy Over Side Entrance, Landscape, South Bank Road, Northchurch, Hp4 1Ll

4/00360/14/Drc, Details Of Materials, Bat Mitigation Strategy, Site Waste Management Plan And Contamination As Required By Conditions 4, 9, 12 And 13 Of Planning Permission 4/00468/12/Moa (Demolition Of 27 Box Lane And Construction Of 2 Two Storey Buildings Both With Roof Accomodation Each Containing 5 X 2 Bed Apartments With Underground Parking & Access Ramp. Construction Of A Detached Two Storey Dwelling With Roof Accommodation And Detached Timber Framed Double Garage. Formation Of Vehicular Access To Beechwood Park. (Amended Scheme), 27 Box Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 0Dh

4/00383/14/Lbc, Removal Of Stud Wall, 4 Posting House, Tring Station, Tring, Hp23 5Qs

4/00385/14/Ful, Installation Of Fencing, Ten Acres Field Adj, Upper Bourne End Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 2Rr

4/00411/14/Lbc, Replacement Of Two Rear External Doors, The Old Cottage, Shootersway, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Tu

4/00419/14/Fha, Part Single-Storey, Part Two-Storey Rear Extension, Fir Tree Cottage, The Common, Chipperfield, Wd4 9Bu

4/00423/14/Fha, Replacement Of Windows With Double Glazed Units To Include Installation Of Doors To Rear Elevation. Paved Front Garden, 15 King Street, Tring, Hp23 6be

4/00436/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing House And Construction Of Two New Houses, Blacksmith Yard Cottage, River Hill, Flamstead, Al3 8By

4/00440/14/Tca, Fell Walnut Tree, Barn One, Chapel Lane, Long Marston, Tring, Hp23 4Qt

4/00444/14/Fha, Two Storey Side Extension, 13 Lower Yott, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4La

4/00445/14/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension And Front Enclosed Porch, 24 Greystoke Close, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Jj

4/00446/14/Drc, Details Required By Condition 16 (Remediation Verification Report For Parcel 1A (Plots 1-7 & 34-40) Attached To Planning Permission 4/01173/11/Mfa (Comprehensive Redevelopment To Provide A Range Of 75 Residential Dwellings; New Class B1, B2 And B8 Accommodation (Including The Retention Of Two Light Industrial Buildings Within Sharose Court); A New Surgery/Health Centre; 3 Commercial Units (For Class A1/A2/A3/A4 And B1 Use), Creation Of A Public Square, Associated Landscaping; Formation Of New Access Roads And Provision Of 197 Car Parking Space (Amended Scheme), land at Hicks Road, Markyate, Al3 8Lg

4/00447/14/Tpo, Works To Trees, Copsem House, Graemesdyke Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Lz

4/00449/14/Ful, Change Of Use Of Land To Provide Vehicular Access To Number 105 - 111 Cherry Orchard, Land Fronting 105 - 111, Cherry Orchard, Hemel Hempstead

4/00451/14/Drc, etails Of Materials And Contamination Report As Required By Conditions 4 And 8 Of Planning Permission 4/00578/08/Ful (Construction Of Dwelling And Ancillary Parking), The Egg Packing Station, Station Road, Long Marston, Hp23 4qs

4/00452/14/Ful, Conversion Of Duplex Flat Into Two Self-Contained Flats, Additional Works To Fenestration And Internal Layouts, 1 Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 2Ae

4/00453/14/Lbc, Demolish Outbuilding In Courtyard To Rear Of House And Replace With Raised Terrace, 5 Roughdown Villas Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 0Ax

4/00456/14/Ful, Construction Of Wind Turbine, land Adj. Flamsteadbury Farm, Flamsteadbury, Redbourn, Al3 7Dj

4/00458/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing Two Storey 7 Bedroom Dwelling, Garage And Outbuildings, And Replacement With A New 5 Bed Zero Carbon Dwelling And A 1 Bed Annex, Including Garage (Domestic Use) And Outbuildings (Agricultural Use). (Amended Scheme), Ten Oaks Farm, Flaunden Lane, Bovingdon, Hp3 0Pa

4/00463/14/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension With Monopitch Roof, 4 Torwood Close, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Nu

4/00464/14/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, 10 Montague Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Ds

4/00465/14/Drc, Details Required By Condition 3 (Hard And Soft Landscape Works) Attached To Planning Permission 4/02259/13/Roc (Variation Of Condition 13 (Approved Plans) Of Planning Permission 4/01356/13/Mfa (Demolition Of Existing Showroom Buildings And Construction Of Food Store (Class A1) With Associated Access, Parking And Landscaping (Amended Scheme) To Provide 6 Additional Car Parking Spaces And An Increase To The Net Retail Area, Pilling Motor Group Ltd, London Road, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Aa

4/00468/14/Fha, First Floor Side And Rear Extension, 39 Plantation Walk, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 3Ly

4/00469/14/Ful, Construction Of Yard Canopy, Atlas Copco Ltd, Swallowdale Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 7Ea

4/00471/14/Tpo, Works To Trees, Camus, 60 Hempstead Lane, Potten End, Hp4 2Sd

4/00472/14/Ful, Renovation Of Forecourt To Front Including New Wall And Railings, Walls To Side And Alterations To Ramp, Steps And Hardscaping, Boxmoor Hall, St. Johns Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Jr

4/00473/14/Fha, Single Storey Front And Two Storey Side Extension, 59 Scatterdells Lane, Chipperfield, Wd4 9Eu

4/00474/14/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, 10 Kings Meadow, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Rt

4/00475/14/Fha, Rear Conservatory, Little Lovetts End Farmhouse, Dodds Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 6Jn

4/00477/14/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension And Internal Alterations, 22 Meadow Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Dz

4/00484/14/Tca, Fell Eucalyptus. Works To 5 Leylandii, The End House, Church Yard, Tring, Hp23 5Ae

4/00494/14/Tca, Works To Trees, Hydebank, Doctors Commons Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Dr

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