Plans go in for major development on former paper mill sites

Planning applications
Planning applications

Huge 450 home development with restaurant, cafe, offices, a children’s day nursery, hydro-electric plant, 64-bed care home and more at former Sappi Paper Mill Sites plus the rest of this week’s planning applications to Dacorum Borough Council.

4/03100/14/Drc, Details Required By Condition 4 And 5 (Contamination) Attached To Planning Permission 4/00053/14/Ful (Two Bedroom End Of Terrace Dwelling And Single Storey Rear Extension To Existing Dwelling.)

117 Cleves Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03699/14/Fha, Rear Entrance Porch Claremont House, Kitsbury Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Ea

4/00082/15/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension. 47 Victoria Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 2Js

4/00116/15/Fha, Front And Side Conservatory Highfield, Northchurch Common, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Lr

4/00202/15/Ful, Part Conversion Of Stable Block To Dwelling, Demolition Of Buildings And Construction Of Replacement Stables Hill Green Farm, Hill Green Lane, Wigginton, Tring

4/00221/15/Ful, Construction Of Detached Dwelling With Integral Garage. New Detached Garage To Serve 2 St Marys Avenue, Closure Of Vehicle Access To Darrs Lane And Formation Of New Vehicle Access To Darrs Lane. Demolition Of Two Garages R/O 1 Covert Road And 2 St. Marys Avenue, Northchurch, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Rr

4/00224/15/Ful, Construction Of A Detached Dwelling 1 Hilmay Drive, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Tz

4/00236/15/Ful, Change Of Use From Museum To Massage And Nail Salon. 81 High Street, Hemel Hempstead

4/00237/15/Fha, Two-Storey Side Extension. Single Storey Rear Extension And Internal Alterations. 65 Betjeman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 3Hj

4/00249/15/Ldp, Single Storey Rear Extension And Loft Conversion Cedar House, Graemesdyke Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Lx

4/00250/15/Fha, Car Port Cedar House, Graemesdyke Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Lx

4/00251/15/Lbc, Change Of Use From Museum To Massage And Nail Salon. 81 High Street, Hemel Hempstead

4/00255/15/Fha, Pitched Roof To Existing Front Dormer 33 Delmar Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Lz

4/00257/15/Fha, Front Porch And Canopy 36 Astley Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Hu

4/00258/15/Ldp, Rear Dormer 36 Astley Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Hu

4/00261/15/Stu, Overhead Lines Land At Paradise Farm, Potash Lane, Long Marston, Tring, Hp23 4Qy

4/00262/15/Fha, Single Storey Side/Rear Extension. 9 Charles Street, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Dg

4/00275/15/Drc, Details Of Materials, Contamination, Landscaping And Surface And Foul Water Drainage System As Required By Conditions 2, 5, 6 And 10 Of Planning Permission 4/00906/14/Ful (Construction Of Two 2 Bed Dwellings (Amended Scheme)

Hempstead Plant, 145 Belswains Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Uz

4/00276/15/Drc, Details Of Materials, Contamination, Landscaping And Surface And Foul Water Drainage System As Required By Conditions 2, 5, 6 And 10 Of Planning Permission 4/02329/12/Ful (Demolition Of Existing Bungalow And Outbuildings And Construction Of One 4-Bed Dwelling And Three 2-Bed Dwellings And Associated External Works) Hempstead Plant, 145 Belswains Lane, Hemel Hempstead

4/00278/15/FhA, Two Storey Side And Single Storey Side And Rear Extensions. 167 Chaulden Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 2Bt

4/00283/15/Tpo, Fell Various Trees 8 Horton Gardens, Hemel Hempstead

4/00284/15/Adv, Fascia Signage Unit 3, Leisure World, Jarman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Jw

4/00292/15/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension. 31 Osbourne Avenue, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Dd

4/00293/15/Ldp, Proposed Loft Conversion With Hip To Gable, A Rear Dormer And Front Roof Windows 31 Osbourne Avenue, Kings Langley

4/00294/15/Ful, Building Alterations And Change Of Use From Retail To Residential. 59-61, High Street, Kings Langley

4/00295/15/Lbc, Building Alterations And Change Of Use From Retail To Residential. 59-61, High Street, Kings Langley

4/00296/15/Drc, Details Required By Condition 3 (Part Discharge) (Roof Plant, Signage And Cycle Parking Details) Condition 4 (Hard And Soft Landscaping) Attached To Planning Permission 4/00909/14/Mfa - Demolition Of Existing School Buildings And Structures, Construction Of New Secondary School, With Associated Areas Of Hard And Soft Play, Playing Fields, Car Parking And Access, Landscaping And Related Works Kings Langley School, Love Lane, Kings Langley

4/00307/15/Nma, Non Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/01974/14/Ful (Proposed Extension To Provide Additional Accommodation For Residents) St Marys House, 9 George Street, Hemel Hempstead

4/00308/15/Fha, Single Storey Front Extension And Conversion Of Small Area Of Council Owned Land To Car Parking Space. 74 Lockers Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Tj

4/00310/15/Out, Demolition Of Existing Buildings And The Development Of The Site To Provide 5 Family Houses (Use Class C3) Including The Retention And Part Rebuild Of The Existing Stable Block. Details Of Access With All Other Matters Reserved. Ashlyns Farm, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted

4/00311/15/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension. Hatches Farm, Bradden Lane, Gaddesden Row, Hemel Hempstead

4/00314/15/Drc, Details In Connection With The Internal Wall Paintings As Required By Condition 7 Of Planning Permission 4/02345/13/Lbc (First Floor Front Extension, Front Porch, Creation Of Outbuilding To Side With Link To Farmhouse Following Demolition Of Existing Outbuilding And Barn, Loft Conversion, Internal And External Alterations Including Insertion Of Windows, Roof Repairs, Rebuild Of Existing Side Projection, Repair And Replace Sole Plate, And Insertion Of Internal Staircase To Loft) Betlow Farm, Long Marston, Tring, Hp234qz

4/00315/15/Ful, Detached Three Bed Dwelling 29 Ellingham Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 5Le

4/00316/15/Fha, Two Storey Rear Extension 8 Park View Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Ey

4/00317/15/Ful, Three Bed Dwelling 53 Risedale Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/00318/15/Fha, Single Storey Side Extension 5 Kings Meadow, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Rt

4/00319/15/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, Single Storey Outbuilding And Associated Parking 23 Crabtree Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Eg

4/00320/15/Fha, Proposed Internal Courtyard Conversion To Habitable Space 77 Green Lane, Bovingdon

4/00325/15/Drc, Details Required By Conditions 3 (Landscaping) And 4 (Surface Water) Attached To Planning Permission 4/01050/14/Ful (Three Bed End Of Terrace Dwelling) 1 Horton Gardens, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 7Nf

4/00326/15/Fha, Removal Of Existing Garage, Two Storey Side And Rear Extension And First Floor Rear Extension Over Existing 12 Avenue Approach, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Dw

4/00327/15/Fha, Two Storey Side/Rear And Single Storey Rear Extension

2 Captains Walk, Berkhamsted

4/00329/15/Nma, Non - Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/007831/14/Fha (Part Single And Part Two Storey Side And Rear Extension) First Floor Rear Window To Become Juliet Balcony. 23 Bridgewater Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Hn

4/00335/15/Drc, Details Of Materials And Written Scheme Of Investigation As Required By Conditions 2 And 6 Of Planning Permission 4/00017/12/Fha (Single Storey Side And Rear Extension And Loft Conversion) 6 Cow Roast, Tring, Hp235rf

4/00336/15/Fha, Two Storey Rear Extension And Addition Of A Window And Door To Existing Side Elevation 30 Pembridge Road, Bovingdon

4/00337/15/Ldp, Single Storey Rear Extension. 98 Hemp Lane, Wigginton, Tring, Hp236he

4/00338/15/Fha, Front Porch Infill And Roof Works, Including New Dormers, Alteration From Hipped To Gable Roof To Incorporate A Loft Conversion. 25 Cemmaes Court Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1St

4/00339/15/Ful, Enlargement Of 13 Nos. Top Floor Apartments With Associated Roof Top Terraces, Associated Elevation Changes And Installation Of Roof Top Vents

Former Sappi Site, Lower Road, Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead

4/00341/15/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, Part Two Storey Extension To Rear Of Garage With First Floor Extension With Dormer Windows Over Garage And Existing Single Storey Extension. Front Porch Canopy. 2 Old Watling Street, Flamstead

4/00342/15/Drc, Details Of Condition 3 (Details Of Bin Storage) And 4 (Enclosure Of Amenity Space) As Required By Planning Permission 4/00021/12/Fha (First Floor Extension With Accommodation In Roof Space With Front And Rear Dormers) 33A Hobbs Hill Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/00343/15/Nma, 450 Dwellings, Comprising 69 Houses, 380 Apartments And One Flat Over A Garage, Including Affordable Housing, 620M2 Of Community, A3 Restaurant And Cafe And B1 Business/Offices Uses Within Nash House, A 145M2 D1 Children’s Day Nursery Within Stephenson’s Cottage, The Use Of The Ground Floors Of Blocks K & I To Provide 352M2 Of B1 Business/Craft Workshops, Provision Of A Hydro-Electric Plant, A 64 Bed Care Home, Re-Opening And Enhancement Of The Culverted Watercourse Through The Site And The Construction Of Vehicular And Pedestrian Links Across The Re-Opened Watercourse, On Site Car Parking And The Re-Use Of The Existing Car Park To The South Of Red Lion Lane, Access Improvements Including The Provision Of A New Roundabout At The Junction Of Red Lion Lane And Lower Road, Enhancement Of The War Memorial Gardens, Provision Of Open Space, Public Squares And Landscaping At The Former Sappi Paper Mill Sites Located To The North And South Of Red Lion Lane, Nash Mills (Amended Scheme) - Non Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/01382/09/Mfa

Former Sappi Site, Lower Road, Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead

4/00355/15/Fha, Single Storey Front And Rear Extensions 7 Sarratt Avenue, Hemel Hempstead

4/00357/15/Ldp, Construction Of Carriage House. Land At Highfields Farm, London Road, Bourne End, Hemel Hempstead

4/00361/15/Ful, Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Out-Buildings. Construction Of Two New Detached Dwellings. Honeybrook, St. Margarets, Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 3Bz

4/00362/15/Nma, Non-Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/03800/14/Fha (Single-Storey Rear Extension And Two-Storey Rear Extension). 48 Granville Road, Northchurch

4/00371/15/Fha, Extension Over Existing Single Storey Side Extension Chiltern, Duckmore Lane, Tring, Hp23 6Jp

4/00377/15/Tel, Telecommunications Radio Base Station Installation. Billet Lane, Berkhamsted, Herts Hp4 1Dw

4/00379/15/Fha, Single-Storey Rear Extension And New First Floor Window To Rear Elevation 43 Shrublands Avenue, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Jq

4/00380/15/Ful, Construction Of 3-Bed Detached Dwelling Land Adj. 5 Glebe Close, Hemel Hempstead

4/00381/15/Fha, Two Storey Side Extension And Conversion Of Part Of Garage To Gym/Studio. Enclosure Of Covered Link From House To Garage. Mauldens End, Hogpits Bottom, Flaunden, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 0Pu

4/00388/15/Fha, Two Storey Side And Rear Extension 21 Great Elms Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/00390/15/Fha, Two Storey Rear Extension 51 Grove Road, Tring, Hp235pb

4/00392/15/Fha, Two Storey Rear Extension 6 Maynard Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Tr

4/00401/15/Ful, Retail Refurbishment To Include Alterations To Shopfront, New Signage And The Removal Of Two Sections Of The Glazed Canopy Either Side Of The Clock Tower Units B6 - B8, Riverside, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Bt

4/00403/15/Nma, Non Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/01618/14/Fha - Single And Two Storey Rear Extensions And Removal Of Hipped Roof To Single Storey Front Element. 50 Longfield Road, Tring, Hp234dg