Planters in Market Square ‘not aesthetic’

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THE chairman of the group that drew up plans to improve Market Square in Hemel Hempstead is disappointed with how the scheme is panning out.

Mike Moore says the planters in the square appear out of scale and they have not been arranged in an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ way.

Mr Moore, a member of the Hemel Hempstead Town Centre Partnership, said the steering group was given a budget of £50,000 for improvements including planters and a maze.

“The graphic design produced showed quite a pleasing improvement,” he said. “Seeing what has been put down as a finished article, the planters don’t look as though they fit in the overall space. They are smaller than I envisaged, they are stuck around in a rectangular form without any consideration given to whether we should create something more aesthetically pleasing.

“People are using them to chuck their rubbish in.”

Work on the maze will start once a design has been chosen from around 60 entries in a competition.